Board of Governors

The elected Board of Governors sets Club policy and the direction of the organization while overseeing its finances.

The Board consists of up to 14 volunteer Members who are elected by Voting Members at an annual election. The statutory auditor is an appointed position, approved by the Membership.

The election results are announced at the Annual General Meeting each November or December.

Governors serve a two-year term while the representative governor is selected by the Board for a one-year term.

Members interested in running for the Board should fill out a short online form.

The minutes of the monthly Board meetings and general meetings and election and other documents are available for viewing by logged-in Members.


Representative Governor
Jesse Green
First Vice President
Reiko Saito
Second Vice President
Ginger Griggs

Nils Plett
Rune Sølvsteen
Trista Bridges Bivens

Justin Keyes
Mihoko Manabe
Tetsutaro Muraki

Sam Rogan
Dean R Rogers
Edward Rogers

Nathan Schmidt
Vanessa Thomas

Statutory Auditors

Statutory Auditors
Koichi Komoda
Statutory Auditors
Paul Kuo

Role of Governors

  • Acts as a unit and not as individuals (speaks with one voice)
  • Develops and communicates policies
  • Monitors performance of the General Manager
  • Preserves integrity of governance process

Expectations of Governors

  • Are in a position of authority only during official Board meetings.  All other times they are simply Members.
  • Makes policies based on input from Committees and Management.
  • Has fiduciary responsibility.
  • Elected by voting members, Board has a maximum of 14 Governors: 9 U.S., 2 Japanese, 2 Other Nationality and 1 Connections.
  • Governors may serve a maximum of three consecutive 2-year terms.
  • Statutory Auditor (up to 2) is an elected non-voting Member of the Board and may service a maximum of three consecutive 2-year terms.

Duties of Governors

  • Appointment and dismissal of the Representative Governor and Vice-Presidents.
  • Appointment and dismissal of the Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Deciding the policy for the execution of the operations of the Club.
  • Supervising the execution of the duties by individual Governors.
  • Approving the use of building maintenance reserve funds for medium- and high-priority long-term building projects and equipment maintenance and end-of-life replacement. In the case of an emergency or disaster where emergency repairs are required, the Board may authorize the use of this reserve to fund such repairs or the deductible amount for insurance claims covering such emergencies or disasters.
  • Such other duties as are set forth in the law, these Article of Association or the General Rules

Time Commitment of Governors

The Board meets 12 times a year for around two hours each time. There are ongoing communications via email. Most Board members also act as a liaison to a specific Committee and participate in New Member interviews.

It is estimated that about 5-10 hours/month are required, though that figure could rise depending on how much Committee liaison work is done and availability for applicant interviews.